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Harness your
full creativity.


An Audition Studio and an Acting Coach. Affordable, and from a working professional.

You need a high quality audition that looks and sounds the part. I'll light, shoot and edit your video to look like a pro's. Either in my studio, at your home, or over Zoom.

Get coaching to meet the most demanding of auditions, or prepare you for the toughest shoots.


The coaching is multi-disciplinary, and grounded in Chekhov Technique. Not often taught in the US, it's a technique that can provide instant inspiration for our craft.

The use of Chekhov technique is centered around its practical application. Crystallized, quickly-evoked techniques that lead to ease, confidence, and beauty. Everything is directly applicable to moments on set and audition technique.

Need Coaching? Let's work together

Sessions starting at $125/hr
Available in-person at studio location, or over Zoom. Make your selection below:

Have questions? Get in touch so we can start working together. 

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Sam Ellery-Grey

As an actor mainly trained in theater, the camera has always been an intimidating presence for me.  With a coach like Jack Turner, I was able to feel like I could fully stretch myself and my imagination like I couldn't before using Chekhov foundations.  Jack provides a space you can feel safe, encouraged, and truly cared for as a group and individually as artists.  His class was the answer I was looking for.  Thank you for your patience, vivid imagination, and fantastic direction, Jack!

Joe Santos

Working with Jack and Marjo-riikka was truly a fantastic experience. Both set an atmosphere that nurtures and welcomes creativity. Because of Jack’s past film/TV work, he is able to show you to bring the work of Michael Chekhov to the chaos of a film set and use it effectively. Whether the camera is 1 foot or 10 feet away. 


A wealth of knowledge they both are! I’m looking forward to working with them again in the future! "

Petteri Lassila

Marjo-Riikka and Jack created such a safe and inspiring atmosphere to take risks and leaps into the unknown. They’re amazing at giving personalized guidance to each actor no matter where they are on their artist’s journey. I got so many new tools to my actor’s toolbelt I know I’ll be using for a long time!

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